Terms of use

Effectivate date: 7/22/2021.

This page holds the rules you agree on when registering and using Predzo. By using this web app, starting from the registration process, you agree on these conditions in full. If you disagree, you must not either register or use Predzo.

Use conditions

You have the obligation to ensure your country laws permit the usage of Predzo legally. You also agree to use this app in a respectful manner, respecting other users. For this purpose, we forbid the use of texts, picture and other uploaded media that goes against the moral or physical integrity of other persons. Predzo declines all responsibilities against users productions (text, pictures and other uploaded medias), and we keep the discretion to provide any information to the authority in a major force case.

We only allow texts, picture and others uploaded media related to shopping or other related areas. In case of abuse, your account can be either suspended or permanently deleted. In this case you'll be notified by email of the reason.

You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless toward Predzo for all claims resulting from content you posted. You take responsibilities of such disputes, and will cooperate in asserting any available defenses.

General disclaimers

Predzo makes everything in its power to provide the best service possible, in the limit of what is feasable.

You agree that Predzo cannot be held responsible for any physical or moral dammages that can occur by using this web app, nor for any money loss that would result in using the web app. You agree Predzo cannot be liable in these circumstances.

Do not use it while driving, walking, or for any task that involves a high level of focus. We recommend doing a 30 mins break per hour on our web app.

Choice of juridiction

By using Predzo, you agree the law and juridictions in place in the event of a disputes that you are involved in will take effect within the French juridiction and courts.

Updates of the terms

You agree that these terms can be changed, in a fair way, to reflect business or market changes that affects our web app partially or in its entirety, or in case of area of uses we missed to cover. In this case, you will be notified by email of such changes. At this moment, in the case you continue using Predzo, we consider you agree on these changes.