About us

Welcome to Predzo! My name is Anwar, and I am a web developer from France. I work as a developer at my company, and I like playing around with web techs.


I have a background in computer science, and I studied it during years as an IT student. I managed to work in various internship, and my apetite for the web became my passion as well.

Follow me

You can probably find me on LinkedIn, but I am the most active on Twitter. I really am what you could call a "geek" on my field, always searching for new fascinating ways to build web apps, and happy to share point of views on various subjects!

My passions

Apart from the keyboard, I like working out (which I do a lot these times), and spending time with my family (call me old fashion).

The team

Sorry to disapoint you, there is no such thing as "us". Just me here. Typing some keywords to make understand this web app how it should behave (I even got it a nice nickname).