How it works

Predzo is the perfect place where you can add, track, and share your shopping list items with your beloved ones.

It all starts with a shopping list

The first thing you see is your shopping lists. Creating a new shopping list is easy, just give it a name and you are good to go!

Inside your shopping list, you have 2 ways to add your products: either add it manually or by scanning the bar code.

Scan your products

Take a picture of your bar code, submit the form, and your item is automatically created, with the correct name and picture.

We use a publicly accessible database to find your product, and everyone can contribute to it! Learn more.

Sometimes your bar code is not found in the registry. In this case, you can always switch to manual mode and add the item yourself. Pick a name, a quantity, and optionaly upload a picture of the product, and voila!

By the way, you can always change all these information afterward.


Add your loved ones to your shopping list. Search for them by name, click, and he or she will be able to contribute to your shopping list! No more forgetting the sauce for your next appetizer ­čśÄ

And plenty more features

Reorder or add comments on items, export your shopping lists, and many more in the future like smart suggestions and tags for premium members!

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