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November 2023 update

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New install button

The primary highlight of this update is the introduction of a new install button, now visibly positioned beside the brand name in the top navigation bar.

For the past few years, web applications have been installable as native applications. By clicking this button, and if your web browser and device are compatible, your browser will prompt you to install Predzo as a native application on your device.

The benefits of installing the app include:

Convenient access

No need to open your web browser. Simply find Predzo on your home screen and click on the app icon to get started.

Consistent advantages

Enjoy the same benefits as the web app - constant updates without manual intervention, and a lightweight application size of less than 1 Mb.

Performance improvements

Users will experience subtle enhancements in performance between view loads. We have optimized the way our servers respond to your browser, reducing the number of steps needed to provide visual feedback, resulting in a reduction of up to 600 ms per view load.

This performance boost is applicable to all views on Predzo, contributing to an improved overall user experience.

Fixes on image sizes in the quick add item view

Previously, there was an issue with the display of images in the quick add item view, particularly when the image was more vertical than horizontal (in the shape of a rectangle, often captured vertically from a mobile phone). The preview image card would not align with other regular pictures, displaying as a rectangle instead of an even square.

We have addressed this UI issue by standardizing the display between the quick add item view and the shopping list detail view. Images will now consistently be displayed as squares, regardless of the original aspect ratio.

Error resolution for adding back a previously deleted scanned item

An issue arose when attempting to re-scan an item that had been previously scanned and subsequently deleted. The app erroneously returned an error message stating "The item has already been scanned," even though the item was no longer present on the shopping list.

With the fix in place, users can now scan an item even if it was previously deleted. Additionally, the fix restores the previously deleted item (if the barcode is the same), preserving the item's history and comments.

Number of shopping list displayed in the list view

We recently relocated the "create shopping list" button from a card to a button on top of the list view, providing a cleaner UI.

Previously, the number of shopping lists displayed per page remained at 8, leading to an awkward display on larger screens. This has been rectified, and users will now see a neatly displayed 9-shopping list grid on larger screens.

Improved web referencing

While not a feature or fix directly impacting users, it is noteworthy that Predzo will now have an increased presence on Google and Bing. An issue related to our anti-spam system previously hindered Google Bot and Bing Bot from discovering our public pages. This issue has been resolved, and soon the entire web app will be thoroughly scanned by Google and Bing.

Wrap up

We trust that these fixes and improvements will enhance your experience on Predzo. Should you come across anything warranting our attention, please do not hesitate to reach out to us through our contact page.