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End the pain of gathering your beloved ones item lists. Includes scanning your products bar code for free!

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Available on any devices

Use Predzo from any device with a web browser. Predzo adapts to any devices size. Start from your computer, finish on your phone, browse it anywhere!

Full of features

Predzo main goal is to help you do your groceries more efficiently. That is why this app has been designed with features in mind first. Here is a glimpse of those.

Add contributors to your shopping list
Share invitation link to add members
Check your shopping list history
Add more info on an item by commenting
Scan your product to add them quicker
Add items by picking on your previous lists
Group your items by tagging them
Move items from a shopping list to another

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Predzo have tons of features to help put the shopping experience to the next level. Including smart suggestions, a chat system and many more...

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